Alembic A5 Speaker Cabinets

8 Ohms, will handle 50W program each.
12 ply birch jointed construction. Yes, you can stand on them.
Dimensions: Green 8"W 7 1/2"D 8"H 6lbs
Dimensions: Red 7 1/2"W 8"D 7 1/2"H 5.5lbs

TOA BST-143 5" Speaker

Banana Speaker Connectors

The boxes were manufactured in 1976 and originally had JBL speakers.
They were used as the hi-freq boxes for a tri-amped stereo guitar setup.
The TOA BST-143 speakers were installed in 1993. They have been
doing lazy service as ambient speakers for my home stereo powered by
a 25W JCV receiver ever since.

One 30' & one 7' long 16awg speaker wires with bananas at one end and
stripped wire at the other end are included.

Asking $125 obo for the pair.