Alamo 2566 Fury Front & Back Views

Made by the Alamo Electric Corporation of San Antonio Texas, probably in the mid 1960s.

This amp puts out something near 25 Watts of tube power through an original Jensen Special
Design 15" speaker. Think Fender Princeton with a bigger speaker. A good jamming or practice
amp easy to transport and store. 2566? Hmmm, 25 Watts from 1966?

It is supposed to be for Bass & Guitar, but sounds marginal for bass. It performs amazingly well for
guitar. It was originally a closed back cabinet, but somewhere along the line a smart person changed
that configuration.

The amp seems to have all of the original parts, including tubes, transformers, pots and other
electrical components. It doesn't have a polarity switch, but does have a flat two prong AC plug you
can turn around in the socket if necessary.

The tolex covering and speaker grill cloth are in very good shape with only minor wear and scratches.
The faceplate and controls are also in good shape with some minor corrosion. The chrome part of the
Alamo emblem on the speaker grill is gone. There are after market wheels that are sturdy enough for the
approximately 35lbs the amp weighs.

I'm asking $275, for local sale, other buyers pays shipping and insurance from Santa Rosa California, pick
it up in Santa Rosa or pay me to deliver it to you.

Front Panel Controls

There's a Bass input, 2 Guitar inputs, a Volume, Treble and Bass control, fuse holder, pilot light
and on/off switch.

The Amp Tray

Very Fenderesque, neat, clean and easy to service.

CTS Pots & Switchcraft Jacks

Nice CTS pots and good old Switchcraft jacks! Note the Fenderesque cloth covered wire.

Serial Number & Tube Chart

The "80 WATTS" on the Tube Chart refers to the power draw from the wall, not the power
output of the amp.

Jensen Speaker Label

An original from before they started making them in Italy. The speaker is tight and sounds fine.