Fender Bandmaster

This is an original very pre-CBS Fender Bandmaster, serial number 55074. I bought it in 1969
with blown speakers and no tubes. The pre-amp tray is original, but I replaced the leaky
and dimpled OEM Astron Minimite filter and bypass capacitors with new Spragues in August
2003. This mod does not affect the signal path! The transformers, wiring and other components
are original. The Fender logo nameplates on the head and cabinet have the brown inserts
of the late 50s vintage. The stops for the tilt-back option are missing from the cabinet, but
the hardware is on the head and the nuts and legs are on the cabinet. The stops for the cabinet
are actually P-Bass string trees.

Fender rated this amp at 40W, (with 100mV input and 8 ohm load it actually cranks 36W)
this amp really screams and holds it own against much bigger setups.

I installed Eminence 12" speakers and Fender tubes immediately after buying it. In 1982 I
replaced the Eminence with PAS 100W 12" speakers (PAS are made by Gauss). I also
added a parallel jack on the cabinet. I have a Tremolux that I play regularly, and the two
cabinets make a nice stack. All tubes test at 100%.

I'm asking $1400, buyer pays shipping and insurance from Santa Rosa California.

You may not like what I'm asking for this amp, but remember that the reissues Fender put
out in the late 1990s listed for well over $3000...if you could find one! These amps (in this
condition) are few and far between. If you've ever lusted after an old Fender, and wished you
could have that sound this is the amp for you!

I will consider selling the head separately as I do hate to break up my stack. A reasonable offer
will be considered.

The head comes with the original Fender black leather cover.

Amp Tray Top View

The amp tray, showing power and output transformers, choke and tubes.

Amp Tray Inside View

The amp tray, showing the wiring and components.

Amp Tray Inside Close-Up View

Close-up of the amp tray, showing the 2 black replacement cathode bypass dual capacitors.

Amp Tray & Cabinet

The amp tray and the head cabinet.

Fender 023556 6L6GC Output Tubes