Fender Pre-CBS Blackface Champ Front & Back Views

Here's a clean Pre-CBS Fender Blackface Champ.

The preamp tray is original, the transformers (power & output) are new. Although the
Mallory can multiple filter cap is still on the tray, there are new filter caps installed (see
Tray Bottom picture below). The original Fender 8" speaker has been replaced with
a Jensen C8R4.

It's a bit louder and cleaner with the new Jensen speaker. The original speaker sat upright
for so many years that the cone has sagged and is rubbing in the voice coil gap, if you want it,
you can have the old Fender speaker (see Fender Speaker picture below).

The tolex covering and speaker grill cloth are in very good shape with only minor wear and
scratches. The faceplate and controls are also in good shape with some minor corrosion. The
tube crusher panel is missing.

I'm asking $400, buyer pays shipping and insurance from Santa Rosa California.

Left & Right Side Views

The strap retainers and chassis straps have rusted.

Amp Tray Detail Bottom, Front & Back Views

You can see the new filter caps in the first of the Tray Detail pictures above.

Tube Chart, Tray & Chassis Numbers

Retail Tag

This fell off when I took the tray out to photograph, I re-glued it.

Fender & Jensen Speakers

The old Fender speaker, and the new Jensen.

The Champ Schematic. I'll photocopy them for you if you want at no charge. Below are the
Schematic and Parts Layout for the Vibro-Champ, a little different but close enough to be useful.

Champ, Vibro-Champ Amp Schematic & Parts Layout