Fender Deluxe Reverb

This is a pre-CBS Fender "Blackface" Deluxe Reverb, serial number A-15148. It is either a 1964
or 1965. The pre-amp tray circuitry is original with the exception of having the GZ34 Rectifier Tube
replaced with a diode bridge, 100 ohm hum balance resistors added to the 5 volt heater, Sprague
Orange Drop capacitors (in tone circuits) and Clarostat (Mil Spec) pots on the front panel. This is
shown below in the Diode Bridge/Hum Balance and Clarostat pictures.

The preamp in jacks have been removed as shown below in the Serial Number picture. The original
wiring is intact. The jacks were used to insert an external preamp into the power amp pre or post reverb.

The amp has a new audio output transformer and the tubes test at 100%. The preamp tube retainers
are all new. The amp comes with an original Fender Footswitch.

The grillcloth has a small hole in the lower right and is visible in the Fender Deluxe Reverb picture above.
The overall condition of the tolex is good with a few small nicks and scratches here and there. The tube
crusher panel is missing as shown in the Fender Deluxe Reverb Back picture below.

The amp is available in one of three configurations.

$1000, with the EV SRO 12 and the SuperCube,
$850 with the EV and no SuperCube, or
$700 with a CTS speaker and no SuperCube.

Buyer pays shipping and insurance from Santa Rosa California. The EV speaker weighs a bit more than
30lbs by itself.

For information and details about the SuperCube, or the original IceCube click on the following links.



Fender Deluxe Reverb Back View

Back view of the amp, showing the EV SRO speaker, the Footswitch and the missing Tube
Crusher Panel.

The SuperCube

Close-up of the SuperCube and connections.

The Diode Bridge & Hum Balance Resistors

The amp tray showing power transformer, diode bridge and hum balance resistors.

Amp Tray Front, Inside & Bottom Views

The amp tray showing the Blackface front panel, wiring and components, power and output
transformers, filter capacitor can, choke, reverb driver transformer and tubes. You can also
see the Orange Drop capacitors.

Filter Caps

The original filter caps (not leaking) under the can.

The Clarostat Pots

Close-up of the amp tray inside front, showing the 7 Clarostat pots and Orange Drop caps.
NOTE: The Vibrato depth and speed controls are the original stock pots as they are not in
the signal path.

The Serial Number & Tube Chart

The Serial Number stamped on the back of the amp tray and the Tube Chart on the inside
of the cabinet.

The EV SRO Badge

Close-up of the back of the EV SRO 12" speaker. Remember, these puppies are lifetime
warranty! If it blows, EV will fix it for free, all you pay is shipping to and from Michigan.