Electro-Voice SRO 12" Speakers Front View

Here's a pair of EV SRO 12" speakers. These are getting somewhat rare as no one sells them
anymore and those who have them tend to hoard them.

NOTE: These are not the less expensive Force 12 model with the smaller magnet and no lifetime

I've had them in my Ampeg VT-22 for many years now and they have never faltered. Now that
I'm out playing a bit more I don't feel like lugging around 70lbs of speakers.

The VT-22 puts out an incredible 225W of pure tube power, and these speakers handle it quite well.

EV warranties these for life. If they fail, they will fix them for the cost of shipping! When Stars
Guitars was a dealer for EV back in the late 1970s, it was amazing how cool they were about
fixing blown units.

Asking $400 for the pair, buyer pays shipping & insurance from Santa Rosa, CA. In the Bay Area, we
can try to work out delivery, pickup or meeting somewhere.

Electro-Voice SRO 12" Speakers Back View


Electro-Voice SRO 12" Name Disk & Cone Type


Ampeg 2-12 VT-22 Cabinet

Sitting in my VT-22 cabinet before I took them out for pictures.