Gibson Super Medalist Right & Left Side Views

This is a nice, clean example of a late 1960s Gibson Super Medalist combo amp. I acquired it with
the original Jensen speakers suffering from ripped and separated cones and a shattered power tube.
The pre-amp tray and power amp chassis are original, but I replaced the old filter capacitors from the
power amp and preamp. I also added a pair of 100 ohm hum balance resistors on the power transformer
heater windings as shown below in the Power Amp Chassis & Detail picture.

The transformers, wiring and other components are original. The two 12" speakers are brand new
Jensen C12N8s. Vintage recone kits were $125 each, these new speakers were $90 each. I'll recone
the originals and sell then sometime down the road.

I estimate this amp puts out in the neighborhood of 50 to 75W from the 7591 output tubes and the 4 ohm
parallel speaker load. It's quite loud and rather clean for an old tube amp. All tubes test at 100%.

The tolex covering and speaker grill cloth are in very good shape with only minor wear and scratches. The
faceplate and controls are also in good shape. I recovered the strap handle as shown below. The chrome
strip is missing from the top left side panel.

The amp weighs about 65 lbs and is 38" tall, 19.5" wide and 10" deep.

I'm asking $450, buyer pays shipping and insurance from Santa Rosa California.

Controls & Logo

One of the Tremolo knobs was missing. I replaced it with the one shown below.

Control Detail

I have cleaned the input jacks and pots with Cramolin. The Reverb and Tremolo lights both work, as do
the actual Reverb and Tremolo. You can see some minor chips in the "wood" paint. The bending of the
upper edge is distortion from the camera lens.

Back View & Jensen Speaker

Showing the Reverb Tremolo footswitch and one of the Jensen 12s. There's about 10' of cable on
the footswitch and a holder for it inside the amp when not in use. If I was going to use this amp for
extended periods of time, I'd remove (unscrew) the lower panel for better ventilation.

Powe Amp Chassis & Detail

Showing the new filter capacitors (1&2) and the 100 ohm hum balance resistors (3).

Preamp & Power Amp Schematics & Detail

Low res pictures of the schematics stapled to the inside back panel, and an actual size part of the
power amp schematic.

Back Panel & Handle

The external speaker output, fuse and convenience outlet. The convenience is a 2 prong AC connector
like the power cord. It works, but the connector is chipped and I wouldn't recommend using it.
I re-wrapped the bare metal handle with three layers of white nylon twine with each layer held by silicon glue
& seal compound. The amp can be carried by the handle, but it's heavy and will start to hurt your hand
pretty quickly.

Retail Sticker & Footswitch


The retail sticker picture surrounding tolex is a good example of the overall condition. The Jones Music
Shop has been gone from Montgomery Village for a long time. The guy I bought it from said he bought it
used back in 1971.