TOA MCX-106 Powered Mixer

This is a 6-channel stereo mixer with a mono power amp output. Originally, this unit
had a stereo cassette deck installed in the upper right hand side. This deck was very
unreliable and removed by TOA factory service personnel. The outputs from the deck
are connected to the output of the mixing section and can be used to drive a stereo amp,
or pair of mono amps (see patch bay section below). The inputs are XLR connectors
for Low-Z balanced microphones and 1/4 phone for unbalanced Hi-Z microphones or
instruments (guitars, keyboards, etc). The 9 band graphic equalizer also affects the
stereo output.

The power amp is rated at 120W with an 8 ohm load, 200W into a 4 ohm load and 300W
into a 2 ohm load. I would advise against running at 2 ohms for extended periods of time
(2 or more hours, under 75 degrees and 1 hour over 75 degrees) at high volume levels. If
the PROTECT led lights, you're pushin' it too hard!

Asking $275 obo.

Channel Input Section

The Peak LED will glow red when clipping occurs. The TRIM control is used to adjust
the input level from different signal sources. The FB control adjusts the level of signal
sent to the Monitor section. Each channel has a 3-band pre-foldback (monitor send) eq,
a HIGH, MID and LOW section with a center detente (CD) on each control.

The Rec Pan (with CD) control pans the individual input from right to left on the stereo output.
The REC LEVEL controls the signal sent to the REC OUT jacks of the Patch Bay. The
REV/EFF controls the amount effect (if any is connected) added to the signal. The INPUT
LEVEL sends the signal to the power amp section.

Patch Bay

The AUX IN jacks (1/8" RCA phono & 1/4" phone) receive an additional input such as a
tape deck or CD player.
The REC OUT send a stereo signal to external amps or recorder.
The TAPE OUT jacks are inoperative.
The IN EFF jack receives signal from an external effect, device such as a digital delay.
The IN GEQ jack receives signal from an external device and applies the EQ setting to
that signal. The PGM signal (mixing buss) is disconnected from the EQ and power amp.
The IN PWR jack allows the amp to be used with external devices and disconnects the
PGM signal.
The OUT EFF jack sends signal to an external effect.
The OUT PGM sends the PGM signal to an external device, pre EQ.
The OUT FB jack send the Monitor mix to an external device. For a monitor mix from the
MCX mixer section, connect this jack to the GEQ IN jack.
The OUT GEQ jack sends the equalizer output to an external device.

Master Sections

The AUX Section
The REC BAL & REC LEVEL knobs are inoperative.
The AUX TO FB knob adjusts the auxiliary input level to the FB buss.
The AUX TO PGM knob adjusts the auxiliary input level to the PGM buss.

The REV/EFF Section
The REV HIGH EQ & REV LOW EQ knobs adjust the EQ of the reverb effect.
The REV/EFF SEND knob adjusts the master level sent to the reverb and effect buss.
The EFF TO FB adjusts the amount of effect in the monitor mix.
The EFF TO PGM adjusts the amount of effect in the PGM buss.

The PLAYBACK Section is inoperative.

The Master Section
The MASTER FB knob set the monitor level to the power amp.
The MASTER PGM knob set the mixing buss level to the power amp.

When the COMP led lights, the input level to the signal to the power amp is being
compressed due to clipping, back off on the input level or the PGM Master.
When the PROTECT led lights, the power amp output is shorted, or the internal temperature
is too high and in the danger zone.

TOA MCX-106 Back panel

Dimensions: 24"W 15"D 14"H
Weight: approximately 50lbs.
10' 3 conductor AC cord.
The power transformer mounting has been reinforced from stock.

TOA MCX-106 Back Panel Detail

On/Off switch (with polarity reverse).
Speaker outputs.
Fuse holder and AC cord.