Nomad Combo 50W

This is a Nomad Combo 50W amp built in the early 80s. Nomad America Corp was located at
2406 Stuart Street in Berkeley, but seems to be out of business at present. If anyone knows how
to contact them, let me know. The cabinet is clean with the tolex and grill cloth intact.

It has "no label" 12 in speaker with a massive vented magnet that sounds and looks like a Fane.

The reverb tube (12AT7) is out as it hums when in. The amp works fine without it, and is very loud!
The other preamp (12AX7 & 7025) and power tubes (EL-34) test at 100%.

The serial number is a dymo label stuck on the back panel and reads 0805861. The tube chart has
the number #0728861 handwritten along with the initials CO.

Asking $300 obo. A nice price for an amp you can carry with one hand that will hold its own against
much larger setups! I estimate that this amp originally sold for about $600.

Front Panel Controls

The amp has the usual controls, but has the option of stacking the preamp section by plugging into the
A+B input. The A+B is controlled by the footswitch that is included and shown below. When the red
switch is on, your are in A+B mode. When it is off, and the green switch is on you are in Channel B only
mode. A+B mode absolutely screams! Plugged into the A channel jack I usually have the Volume set at
6 with the Master at 5, the Treble at 8, the Middle at 6 and the Bass at 10 for a very loud and clean sound.

Back Panel

The back panel has the AC cord, screw in type fuse holder (3A Slo-Blo), the ground switch, On/Off &
Standby switches, Extension Speaker & Speaker jacks, the footswitch jack, an unknown jack (probably
preamp out), the On LED, and the reverb level knob.

There's a recessed adapter for a microphone gooseneck on top in front of the carrying strap.

The dimensions: Weight 37lbs/16.8 kg, Height 18"/44cm Width 16"/39cm Depth 12"/29cm

Back view

The Footswitch