Cerwin Vega V-30 Speakers Front View

I'm the original owner of these Cerwin Vega V-30speaker cabinets.

I bought them a few years apart, one has a fuse, and the newer one has a circuit breaker.

They each have a Cerwin Vega 15" speaker and a high frequency horn.

They have been the playback system for my studio since the late 1980s and have
had a Crown D-60 amp (30W per channel) driving them. Probably rated at 200W.
They were stored from 1975 to 1988.

Both cabinets are in excellent shape and sound great. I have a spare horn diaphragm
which is included. The original CerwinVega foam from inserts are long gone, but the wire
protective covers are both there. They are 32" tall, 24" wide, 17" front-to-back and weigh
about 65lbs each.

Asking $200 for the pair.

Speaker Inputs



Handle Side View