Orban 424 Compressor/Limiter De-Esser Front & Back Views

Here's an Orban 424 Compressor/Limiter DeEsser.

It a totally analog unit, works perfectly, and gives extremely smooth "pump free" compression and
"thump free" limiting for a variety of inputs. It works best with voice, but is great with an instrument or
any kind of program material you've got. The De-Essing (or sibilance) function really cleans up harsh
vocals or recorded material.

The Coupled/Independent Switch is used to keep the channels separate (independent) or when used
with a stereo source (such as a final mixdown or live recording) the channels will track each other (coupled)
to maintain an even stereo field.

A good deal with the Alembic box at $400, buyer pays half shipping and insurance from Santa Rosa CA.

The box is an original 1970s 9 ply birch double space rack space cabinet. These were very expensive back
then, $200 or more.

MSRP of the 424 was almost $1000 in the mid 1980s, but of course Orban was folded into AKG in the late
1980s and the Pro-Audio product line changed significantly.

Front Panel Close Up

The Red knobs are the Output Level controls that I moved from the back panel, the switch is for Independent
or Coupled Channel operations.

You can download the 424 manual at their FTP site, click on the link below. It has 50 plus pages covering
everything from Installation, Calibration and Usage to circuit schematics, geographic and the Bill of Materials.

Download 424 manual.