Alembic Rack Case Front & Bottom Views

The box is an original 1970s 9 ply birch single rack space cabinet. These were very expensive back
then, and quite rare today.

Retail was about $150, when new. This one is in very good shape. Your choice of black anodized
or chrome screws. The washers come with either set of screws, see picture below.

This case is very durable and looks great in almost any setting, Live, Home or Studio. I've had a
Crown D-60 single space amp in one for 30 years. This one had my ADA 1280 Delay unit in it for
almost as long. I transferred it to my Effects Rack in the studio, see picture below.

Asking $100, buyer pays shipping and insurance from Santa Rosa California.


Screws & Washers


Both Racks

The one I'm keeping with the Crown amp, and the one I'm selling when it was on the keyboard stand.
You are getting the better looking one.