Audiocraft Power Preamp

Hmmm, question: how rare is this item? Answer: right up there with hen's teeth, no traffic
and truth in politics.

MB Electronics was up and running during the same era as Stars Guitars. They built this
preamp to compete with our Warp I and Warp II guitar and bass preamps, and the ever
popular Alembic Stratoblaster. MB combined the overdrive of the Warp I (20db), the
3 position switch functionality of the Warp II (minus the treble boost) and the trimpot adjustment
of the Stratoblaster with components of similar high quality and solid construction techniques.
They were more expensive, and they didn't do installations. They also forgot to mention the
trimpot adjustment in the text of the package, it's just visible in the above picture as a small green
strip at the bottom of the metal can with the switch on top. Although the installation instructions
on the back of the package are not quite NASA approved or Mil Spec, anyone who can identify
the parts and use a soldering iron can probably be successful at installation.

I would suggest using electrical tape instead of the 1/4" foam to wrap the 9V battery, and be careful
where and how you drill the hole for the switch on your axe. Locate the spot in the cavity and make
sure it corresponds to a point on the top of the guitar body, drill a pilot (1/8") hole from inside the
control cavity, score the finish on the guitar top with an xacto knife (to prevent spiderweb cracking
when the drill comes through) and drill the 1/4" hole from the top through to the control cavity. OK,
ok, wrap the battery in electrical tape then tape the 1/4" foam they provide to the battery and place
the battery in the control cavity so it doesn't jiggle around after you button it up.

Some of the folks at the store wanted to sue. Some wanted to kick ass. Everyone agreed that it was
a decent unit. Once everyone realized that we were actually making money on a regular basis doing
installs when Joe & Mary Guitarist walked into the store with one of them asking if we could put it in
their axes, cooler heads prevailed and no conflict erupted.

In unopened new condition.

Asking $75. Price includes U.S. of APO shipping. $10 off the price if you can name the guitarist in
the picture on the top left corner of the package front!

Audiocraft Power Preamp Package Back