Boss Effects & Carrying Box Open

Get back into analog effects, you won't miss that pesky A/D-D/A glitch in
the middle of that scorching solo, limited frequency response or the
hours of reading the manual hoping to get "That Sound" you have been
dreaming of, only to lose it when the backup battery fails before you've
figured out how to save all those patches. "Grunt Howl, Grunt Howl," Vivian
Stanshall & Roger Ruskin Spear.

The Musicians Friend catalog (and customer service minions) lists all this stuff for about
$770, retails em' for $470 and I'm asking $325. Over the years I paid about $650 in
onesies from various Bay Area Mucous Stores. The BCB-6 alone was $200.


Carrying Case Closed

Not only do you get the:

BCB-6 Carrying case. The top removes so that it can be set on the floor and you can step
on the bypass switches. All the effects are set in form fitted cavities and wired together.
This case is Yo Mama rugged and has put up with a lot of use/abuse but doesn't show it.

PSM-5 Power Supply & Master Switch: This unit divies up power to all the effects
(NO *$&#@!~ BATTERIES! ever, honest!) via a 2-prong wall-wart AC Adapter with
6' of cord. Two jacks on top are for the guitar input (or other instrument) and the output to an
amp or mixing console. A bi-directional LED glows Green for bypass and Red for effects
when the switch is stepped on. There are two spare power connectors (with little tiny clear
plastic condoms I put on em' so they won't short out the 9VDC) for additional out-of-the-box
devices. Boss advises against using the PSM-5 for more than 7 effects.

CS-2 Compression Sustainer: Clean, quiet and quick, with minimal pop, pump or swell.
Use it to take the harsh edge (attack) off your sound or for enough sustain to go make a
sandwich while the guitar plays itself.

SD-1 Super Overdrive: Adds a working stiff crunch to your sound without the runaway
heavy metal train or beehive buzz of a primitive Fuzzbox. With the CS-2 and this set about
halfway you can get that smooth Al DiMeola kind of sustain and still hear all the nuances of
each note. It is pick sensitive, open up a Can O' Whup Ass on a string and it responds in kind.

CE-2 Chorus: Once you hear this it becomes one of those "always on" effects that really
sweetens the voice of any axe. Yup, this is the only effect I know that has a sexual identity,
her Depth control lets her be totally subtle or as lush as she gets.

BF-2 Flanger: Lots of controls on this purple beast let you go from a simple clean phasing
like effect to an overly resonant epileptic tremolo on the edge of uncontrollable feedback without
sanding down or cutting up your thumb on the tape hub.

EH-1 Enhancer: This one is a little tricky to get the hang of. It's a bit like a BBE Sonic Maximizer
with a little less impressive specs and a lot less control. You can really coax some new sounds
out of that big fat humbucker, or beef up that sometimes too thin single coil pickup.
The Sensitivity LED tells you that it's "enhancing." You're gonna have to experiment to get it
right. I have used this on the cymbal mike in a drum mix and in background vocals.

but you also get all the history, herstory and theirstory of this well-used and widely traveled unit.