Beyer Dynamic Microphone Transformer

This is a very high quality microphone transformer made by Beyer Dynamic in Germany. It is the
same transformer used in a lot of their microphones. The Beyer Part # is: TR/BV 351 007 004.
I have 15 available.

A deal at $25 each, U.S. and APO shipping included. Shoot me an email if you want quantity
discounts (more than 2).

Over the years I have made several HI-LOW Mic-Xformer boxes for folks. Some had broken
the inputs of their stereo cassette decks with the clunky and heavy inline transformers (described
in the next paragraph) and wanted something less bulky. And almost everyone wanted a transformer
that sounded better.

It was no sweat to go out and buy an inexpensive Switchcraft inline transformer, they used to be about
$19.95 back in the early 1980s and plugged right into the end of the mic cable. You could go a step up
and spring for a Shure for about $29.95.

I sold about 50 of these boxes in the 1980s for $100. One of the cool things about them is that they
go both ways, HI-LOW of LOW-HI which means you could do things like plug your guitar into the
Mic input of a mixer.

The Box Guts

I still have several of the XLR connectors and they're for sale. Click here to see them.
The box is from the Bud Company of Willoughby, Ohio, and is a CU 124C.

The wiring configuration is:
Red of xformer to Pin 3 of XLR.
Black of xformer to Pin 2 of XLR.
The Blue wire of each xformer go to the Tip lug of the 1/4" phone jack on their respective
sides of the box.
Yellow & Brown from xformer A connect to Yellow & Brown of xformer B and
are held under nut "C" shown above in the Beyer Dynamic Microphone Transformer picture.
The Green wire goes from under nut "C" of xformer A to the ground lug of the 1/4" phone jack.
One White wire goes from Pin 3 of one XLR to the other. A second White wire goes from
Pin 3 of the other XLR to the ground lug of the 1/4" phone jack. The third White wire goes
from the nut "C" of xformer B to the ground lug of the 1/4" phone jack.

The Box Inputs & Outputs