Multivox Big Jam SE-4 Octave Pedal Front & Back Views

Multivox made a whole series of effects boxes back in the early 1980s. They just couldn't
compete with the volume of Boss, MXR and a few others and quit after only a couple of years.
I bought the entire line at the NAMM show (probably in 1982) but this and the Reverb Delay
pedal are the only ones I can still find.

The pedal has three modes of operation, One Octave Lower, a Fifth Interval Lower and Two
Octaves lower. Like most Octave pedals it doesn't track chords well.

It can run on a standard 9V battery or with the Power Adapter. The controls are easy to use
and straight-forward. The switching is quiet, quick and accurate. There's a bright bi-directional
LED, Red is effect off and Green is effect on.

The pedal is in great shape with no dings or paint chips. It comes with the original manual (as
shown in the pictures below).

A total steal at $100, shipping included.

The Owner's Manual Front

They tell you everything you need to know about the pedal, real nice manual!

The Owner's Manual Back