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MXR 6-Band EQ

Ross 10 Band EQ

*Special Deal*
MXR & Ross Eqs

Alembic Single
Space 19" Rack

Orban 424 Compressor

Orban 422 Compressor

JHD Icecube

JHD Supercube

MXR Phase 90

Maestro Boomerang Wah

Stars Guitars Warp II

Stars Guitars Warp II
On-Board Version

Stars Guitars Warp I

Stars Guitars Stardrive
Bass & Treble Control

Stars Guitars Stargrinder

Boss Effects

Multivox Big Jam
Delay Pedal

Multivox Big Jam
Octave Pedal

Ross Compressor Pedal

Jordan J-700
Distortion Pedal

Audiocraft Power Preamp

Audiocraft Power Preamp

Music People Preamp

Music People Equalizer

Pioneer SR-101 Tube
Stereo Reverb Unit

Accutronics 6-Spring
Reverb Units

Beyer Dynamic Microphone Transformer

Ampex Bridging