Jordan J-700 Distortion Pedal Front & Back Views

This has been laying around for a long time. The switch broke and a customer left it at the shop
back in the late 1970s. I've put a new switch in it and it works! Probably made in the mid to
late 1970s.

This is a nasty distortion pedal somewhat like an MXR Distortion +. It uses the same bipolar
transistor IC, the 4558 (shown below in the Circuit Board picture). It's touch sensitive and
responds to how hard or soft you play.

It runs on a standard 9V battery or with the Power Adapter. The controls are easy to use and
straight-forward. The switching is quiet. There's an LED, Red is effect on and off is effect off.

The pedal is in great shape with only a few minor paint chips. The box is also in good shape.

An unusual piece of pedal history, and a decent deal at $75, shipping included.

The Box

The Circuit Board Showing the 4558 IC

The DC Adapter Jack