Ross Compressor Pedal Front View

Ross Compressor Pedal Back Views - Old Sold & New

Ok, we finally found the elusive second Ross Compressor Pedal hiding in the bottom of the
studio cord case.

Asking $100, plus shipping to your zip code.

Like Multivox, Ross made a whole series of effects boxes back in the early 1980s. Just like
Multivox they couldn't compete with the volume of Boss, MXR and a few others and quit
after only a couple of years.

This is a compressor along the lines of the MXR Dynacomp. It is clean and can handle lots
of different guitar/pickup combinations. The Level (output) can be set to be equal to the input
level or be much louder. The Sustain goes from just a hint of compression to exaggerated swell
allowing the guitar to play itself while you go make a sandwich.

It can run on a standard 9V battery or with a Power Adapter. Although they don't say so, I'd
advise taking the battery out if using a Power Adapter. The controls are recessed, easy to see and
use. The switching is quiet with the old time positive feel of a 3/8" bushing mechanical switch. You
can feel the click right through your combat boots.

The pedal is in great shape with no dings or paint chips. The specs are printed right on the back
panel as shown above.

This is a nice piece of analog history for any collector or player.

Side View

Showing the input and 9vdc power jacks.