Ross 10 Band Graphic Equalizer

Like Multivox, Ross made a whole series of effects boxes back in the early 1980s. Just like
Multivox they couldn't compete with the volume of Boss, MXR and a few others and quit
after only a couple of years.

This is an AC Powered (no batteries) Single Channel (mono) 10 Band Graphic Equalizer.
It is very clean, quiet (S/N greater than 85db) and can handle signal s from a variety of sources.

NOTE: Although the specs say it can handle a 12V peak signal, I'm sure that they mean
6V Peak to Peak, not 12VRMS.

The sliders are easy to see and adjust and have center detente positions.

It's 7" long, 4" wide and 2" tall. The power cord is 5' 5" long and has a 3 prong plug.

The box is in great shape with only minor paint chips as shown in the bottom left corner of the
picture above and the middle of the Back View picture below. The specs are printed right on the
back panel as shown below in the Bottom View - Specifications picture.

A nice and very useful piece of analog history, asking $150, plus shipping to your zip code.

Back View

Showing the input and output jacks and a couple of paint chips. You can use a black magic
marker or some black paint to hide them if you want.

Bottom View - Specifications