Super Cube

Here's one of Hunt Dabney's Super Simple, Super Cool Super Cubes. This is the upgraded
version of the original Ice Cube. If you've got one of the following amps, you really need this
device. It works with Fender Super Reverb, Twin Reverb, Deluxe Reverb, Princeton Reverb,
Vibrolux Reverb, Pro Reverb, and the Bandmaster Reverb. Some models may have a slightly
different spacing for the phono jacks on the back panels. For these situations you would need
to use male to female cables and be a little careful about where the Super Cube hangs.

The unit plugs into the RCA phono jacks on the back panels of the amps listed above, by way of
the male phono jacks shown in the Rear View picture below. The footswitch ("pedal" above) and
the leads from the reverb tank bag attach to the (input/output) female phono jacks shown below in
the Connected In A Fender Deluxe picture.

The slider pot controls the Blend between the reverb and the Boost. All Boost to the left and all
Reverb to the right. The Boost is a very nice natural sounding overdrive and will help you in your
quest for feedback. Please do not ask how this device works, because I won't tell you in deference
to Mr. Dabney.

Asking $150, includes shipping.

Rear View

The Roadie's Nightmare: "Hey, this thing's soldered shut, so uh how do ya change da battery?"

Connected In A Fender Deluxe