Accutronics 6-Spring Reverb Units

These are no longer available as far as I know. This pair were the spares for my
Orban 111B Stereo Reverb unit. If you are a reverb fan and think 3 springs sound better
than 2, you won't believe what 6 sound like. Yes, each of the separate units show above
has 6 springs, 3 on the top and 3 on the bottom.

The input side is shielded as shown below and is about 68ohms. The output is 415ohms.
There are 8 isolation mounting springs on each unit; 2 at each corner of each end. They
are the standard 17":long by 2: wide, but they are 2&1/2" tall because of the three on a side
spring configuration. Retail on a Fender 2 spring unit is about $45.

Totally worth $80 each, or save $10 and by the pair for $150, U.S. and APO shipping included.

The Output Transformer Side

Yes, the core covers all three terminations on each side.

The Input Transformer Shielding

Three Springs Per Side

The Ends

You can see the isolation mounting springs.