Stars Guitars On-Board Version Stardrive

You guessed it, another rare piece of Stars Guitars functional memorabilia! The Stardrive is a
FET Op-amp based treble & bass shelving filter. It has bypass switch on the treble control. The
Stardrive will give you 15db boost or cut. The Bass shelf starts at 33hz and covers up to 400hz.
The Treble shelf stars at 500hz and covers up to 4Khz. The Best available Allen Bradley Mod
Pots were used with silver grease on the track to promote long scratchless life. Battery will last
about 40 hours (if you unplug the instrument when not in use). Pot and Switch hardware is included.

These were produced by Stars Guitars in the mid 1970s. The pre-amp is installed in the instrument
cavity, bass or guitar. This preamp will work with a Strat or humbucker equipped axe and replaces
the stock tone controls.

If you buy one of these preamps, I will include complete installation instructions. The potting shell is
2 &1/4" long, 1" wide and 3/4" tall.

Asking $85, includes U.S. and APO shipping. These were $70 in-hand out the door back in
1979, but of course you can't get them anymore.