Stars Guitars On-Board Version Stargrinder

The last of the line of great Stars Guitars on-board active electronics, the Stargrinder.
The Grinder is a FET Op-amp based vintage overdrive/fuzz effect. There's no bypass switch,
as most folks liked the 6db clean boost the circuit gives with the pot turned all the way
down. If you are interested in this circuit, but just gotta have a "true" bypass switch I'll
gladly wire one up for you for an additional $5 (the switch cost more than $5, see the
Switch picture below). The Best available Allen Bradley Mod Pots (the high gain
section pot has a mil-spec Cermet element) were used with silver grease on the track to
promote long scratchless life. Battery will last about 40 hours (if you unplug the instrument
when not in use). Pot, output jack and Switch hardware (if you want the switch) is included.
The picture above shows two jacks. I used this circuit to make the sound clip and needed
to put the second jack on instead of clip leads.

I'll put it in a Bud Box with switch and LED (Red, Green or Yellow) for $50 more. I'll even
paint the box your favorite color. The MXR Phase 90, Dyna Comp and Distortion Plus were
built in Bud Boxes, see the "Grinder-in-a-Box" picture below.

Click here for a sound clip. This clip uses an Ibanez axe with Stars Pickups ZBS80 pickups.

These were produced by Stars Guitars in the early 1980s. The pre-amp is installed in the guitar
control cavity. This preamp will work with a Strat or humbucker equipped axes. I have two available.

Asking $60 each, includes U.S. and APO shipping. These were $70 in-hand out the door back in
1981, but of course you can't get them anymore.


Pretty close to actual size.


"True Bypass" Switch

Shown a lot bigger than actual size.