Stars Guitars Warp I Preamp

Here's another rare piece of Stars Guitars functional memorabilia! The Warp I is a FET
pre-amp with up to +18 db boost. There is an on/off switch mounted on the pot and is at
the beginning of the rotation. When you turn the pot and the switch clicks, the boost is at 3db.
The battery will last long time (if you unplug the instrument when not in use).

The circuit assembly is 1 & 1/4" tall (bottom of shell to top of switch/pot lugs), 1 & 1/4" wide
and 2" from tip of pot shaft to back of shell.

These were produced by Stars Guitars in the late 1970s. The pre-amp is installed in the instrument
cavity (usually a guitar) and often replaced one of the tone controls instead of drilling another hole.

If you buy this preamp, I will include complete installation instructions.

Asking $50, includes U.S. and APO shipping. These were $50 in-hand out the door back in
1979, but of course you can't get them anymore.

Warp I Side View