Stars Guitars Instrument Mounted Warp II

Here's another rare piece of Stars Guitars functional memorabilia! The Warp II is a FET
pre-amp with a 3 position switch. Pos #1 is bypass, Pos #2 is 3db boost with a lower output
impedance, and pos #3 is +12 db with boost at 2KHZ. Doesn't quite make dogs bark. Battery
will last long time (if you unplug the instrument when not in use).

These were produced by Stars Guitars in the mid 1970s. Normally, the pre-amp was installed
in the instrument (usually a bass) and a hole was drilled for the switch. Enough folks complained
about cutting a hole in their instrument that we built this compromise. Several of our friends in San
Francisco studios kept a couple of these handy for anemic or dull sounding basses.

Although you can't be doing cartwheels, somersaults or other gymnastics with this attached to your
instrument's output jack, it will put up with a lot of use.

Asking $80, includes shipping. Which incidentally, is exactly what it cost new.