Stars Guitars On-Board Version Warp II (#1)

Here's another rare piece of Stars Guitars functional memorabilia! The Warp II is a FET
pre-amp with a 3 position switch. Pos #1 is bypass, Pos #2 is 3db boost with a lower output
impedance, and pos #3 is +12 db with boost at 2KHZ. Doesn't quite make dogs bark. The
battery will last long time (if you unplug the instrument when not in use). Switch hardware
kit is included with each.

The switch/circuit assembly #1 is 1 & 1/4" tall, 11/16" wide and 11/16" deep. #2 (the caramel
colored) is 1 & 3/16 tall, 13/16" wide and 11/16" deep. #3 is 1 & 7/16" tall, 15/16" wide and
10/16" deep. The switch bushing height on all is 5/16".

These were produced by Stars Guitars in the late 1970s. The pre-amp is installed in the instrument
cavity (usually a bass, but sounds great with a guitar also) and a hole was drilled for the switch.

If you buy one of these preamps, I will include complete installation instructions.

Asking $50 each, includes U.S. and APO shipping. These were $50 in-hand out the door back in
1979, but of course you can't get them anymore.

Save $10, buy all three for $140 !!

The Other Two Stars Warp Iis (#2 & 3)