Alembic Standard Tunamatic Bridge

Here is a virgin Alembic Tunamatic Standard Bridge for guitar, it's never been used. It looks,
sounds and feels great. This would be a wonderful upgrade to an instrument, or a really great
bridge to put on one that's being built. Manufactured in the mid 1970s.

The Bridge is a direct replacement for a Standard Gibson Tun-o-matic. Check out the
comparison to a Gibson bridge in the pictures below.

Asking $50, includes U.S. or APO shipping.

Alembic Standard Tunamatic Bridge Rear View

Pretty clean, but not perfect.

Alembic Standard Tunamatic Under a Gibson Tunamatic

This illustrates the fact that the Alembic fits where the Gibson fits.

Alembic & Gibson Side By Side

This makes the Gibson look pretty puny and if you are prone to using unusual string gauges
such as .056 to .013, with this bridge you'll have lots of extra intonation adjustment leeway.
The Gibson saddles sit precariously on rails and flop around in the channels (which is why
there's a retainer wire attached so the saddles don't fall off the bridge during string changes).
The Alembic saddles sit flush with the bed of the channels and can't flop around, giving all
the more vibration transconductance from string to instrument.