Alembic W I D E Tunamatic Bridge

An Alembic Tunamatic WIDE Bridge for guitar. Looks, sounds and feels great. This would
be a wonderful upgrade to an instrument, or a really great bridge to put on one that's being
built. Manufactured in the mid 1970s, it's WIDE to allow for even more intonation adjustment
than the Alembic Standard Tuna for those who use large or highly varied string gauges.

The Bridge is a direct replacement for a Standard Gibson Tun-o-matic, and will fit where the
Alembic Standard tuna fits. The sustain block can be used with either bridge, or even a Gibson
bridge. In order to use the sustain block however, you have to rout a space for it. Check out the
comparison to a Gibson bridge in the pictures below.

NOTE: if you decide to use the sustain block, the cavity you rout should be a "press fit" for the
sustain block. This means that the block should not fall into the cavity by gravity alone. You should
have to press it into place, but not hammer it into place. Be careful to measure the placement of the
cavity (BEFORE ROUTING!!) so that when the bridge is mounted on the sustain block it will be
centered for both string spacing and intonation adjustment (saddle travel). Oh yeah, make sure that
there is enough wood in the body so that you don't rout right through. Anything under 1/4 inch will be
marginal. You want at least 1/2 of wood between the bottom of the sustain block and the back of the
guitar body. It looks and works best if the top of the sustain block is flush with the surface of the guitar
body. Remember, the Alembic bridge is almost 1/4 inch taller than the Gibson bridge because of
saddle height and the action adjuster stop nut, so make sure that it will be low enough to set the action
to the same height as the Gibson bridge at whatever height you decide to mount the sustain block at.
If you have access to and know how to use a milling machine, and end mill will be a lot more
accurate and easier to adjust than a router for creating the sustain block cavity

Asking $75, includes U.S. or APO shipping.

Alembic W I D E Tunamatic Bridge Rear View

Pretty clean, but not perfect.

Alembic Standard Tunamatic Under a Gibson Tunamatic

This illustrates the fact that the Alembic fits where the Gibson fits.

Alembic & Gibson Side By Side

This makes the Gibson look pretty puny and if you are prone to using unusual string gauges
such as .056 to .013, with this bridge you'll have lots of extra intonation adjustment leeway.
The Gibson saddles sit precariously on rails and flop around in the channels (which is why
there's a retainer wire attached so the saddles don't fall off the bridge during string changes).
The Alembic saddles sit flush with the bed of the channels and can't flop around, giving all
the more vibration transconductance from string to instrument.