Strat Type Knobs

Here's a bunch of different color Strat type Volume and Tone knobs. The red Tone knob
in the middle does not photograph well, is not out of focus, but actually as legible as the rest.

Asking $1.50 each, U.S. or APO shipping included.

Buy 10 or more at $1.00 each. Buy all 63 knobs for $50 and I'll throw in all the Pickup
Selector Switch knobs as a bonus!

There are:

Green 6 Tone
Blue 4 Volume, 1 Tone, 1 Volume /Black Text
Cream 7 Volume, 2 Tone
White 3 Tone
Pink 6 Tone
Red 1 Volume, 1 Tone /White Text
Red 7 Tone /Black Text
Yellow 2 Tone
Black 2 Volume, 12 Tone
Gold 4 Volume, 4 Tone

Strat Type Pickup Selector Switch Knobs

I've got some Pickup Selector Switch knobs to go along with the Volume and Tone Knobs.

Green 5
Blue 2
Pink 5
Yellow 2

Asking $1.00 each, or get one free with every 3 V and/or T knobs. Buy all 14 for $10, U.S. or
APO shipping included.