Stars Guitars Ming Tailpiece Prototype

This is one of about a dozen Ming style tailpiece prototypes designed by Stars Guitars in the
late 1970s. We manufactured and distributed hundreds of tailpieces using this basic design.
They were very popular as replacements at the store on customer's axes. The tailpiece is
machined (not cast) out of solid brass (instead of pot metal or aluminum) and is heavy. This
particular one is rough finished and will need buffing to really sparkle. Once it is installed, the
rough shape of the stud cutout will not show as the top of the stud will cover the cutout.

Because it's brass it conducts and transfers string vibration to the body of the guitar much
better than other materials and will increase the sustain, volume and tonality of any instrument
it is installed on.

Check out the ES335 12 string and the ES345 on the site to see what one looks like finished
and engraved on a fine instrument.

Asking $40. Price includes U.S. or APO shipping.

Stars Guitars Ming Tailpiece Prototype Rear View