Sierra Guitars Chrome Tailpiece

I have 6 of these very custom Sierra Guitars Chrome Tailpieces. I took two angles
above to show the shape and color, and there's a back view shown below. They are
compatible with Humbucker and most single coil string spacing.

As shown below in the String Spacing & Comparison pictures, the string spacing is
identical to a Gibson Stopbar Tailpiece and if you wanted to replace a Stopbar type
tailpiece the Sierra Tailpiece will cover the Stopbar stud holes. Stainless steel mounting
screws are available for a small extra charge. If you intend to buy your own screws,
take the tailpiece with you to the store to make sure that the screw head will fit in the
countersunk hole on the tailpiece. Screws should be an inch long.

They are machined brass with very durable chrome plating. These were made and plated
in 1984 and they still look great.

Asking $50 each, includes U.S. or APO shipping.

Buy all 6 for $250 and save $50.

Sierra Guitars Chrome Tailpiece Rear View

String Spacing

Comparison To Gibson Stopbar Tailpiece