Stars Guitars Startracks Strat Bridge Front View

Here is a virgin Stars Guitars Startracks Bridge for Strat Hardtail type guitars, it's never been
used. It looks, sounds and feels great. This would be a wonderful upgrade to an instrument, or
a really great bridge to put on one that's being built. Manufactured in the late 1970s.

Although this one is chrome plated, these bridges are made of machined brass, not cast and
therefore retain the best sound transconductance properties of brass. The feet (allen set screws)
of the saddles run in grooves (Startracks) machined into the baseplate, and when properly adjusted
for height will not wobble or sway when strings are struck.

Three mounting screws are included.

Asking $135, includes U.S. or APO shipping.

Stars Guitars Tunamatic Bridge Rear View

Stars Guitars Tunamatic Bridge Top View

Stars Guitars Tunamatic Bridge Back View