Fender Strat 1950s Pickup Selector Switches

I have 2 of the 1950s type 3-position pickup selector switches as shown above and
8 of the 1960s shown below. These are not repros, they are the genuine article!

Until 1960, Fender switches had the larger diameter brown phenolic centers. From 1961
on, they switched to the white plastic centers. Three of the 50s switches even have the old
wax covered cloth wire attached to the solder lugs. They are all aged in appearance, but they
all work. Two of the 60s types are missing the tension springs. One of the 50s was also
missing the spring, but it was found in the bottom of the box after I took the pictures.

Asking $25 each for the 50s, and $15 for the 60s, includes U.S. or APO shipping.

Fender Strat 1960 & 70s Pickup Selector Switches