Chassis Mount XLR Connectors

These are virgin, unused Switchcraft D3F chassis or panel mount XLR connectors.

Anyone working in or owning a studio or anyone with a mixer should have a few of
these as spares, or click here to check out the Dual Microphone Transformer Box
I made from a pair of these and a couple of the Beyer Dynamic Microphone Transformers
I have for sale on the Effects Page.

Bright Metallic: 18
Black Nickel: 7

Asking $4 each, U.S. or APO shipping included. These are about $8 to $10 in catalogs.

Buy 5 or more at $3.75 each.
Buy 10 or more at $3.25 each.
Buy all 25 for $85 and save $15.00!

Back View

Showing the solder cup connection lugs.


Unscrew the keeper and the cannon can be removed for maintenance or modification
without disassembling the entire panel.