Fender Strat Pickups

Here's a pair of early to mid 1970s Fender Strat Pickups with non-staggered pole pieces.
These were found in the bottom of the last box from the Stars Guitars Historical Museum
Storage Space.

The pictures below show the backs with the production numbers, the coil wire and the black
plastic covers. The lead wires are new.

The top pickup has a DCR of 5.3Kohm and 9" of cable, the bottom pickup has a DCR of
5.9Kohm and 10" of cable. The magnets are strong with plenty of deflection on the Gauss meter.

A decent deal at $100 for the pair, U.S. or APO shipping included.

Fender Strat Pickups Back View

Fender Strat Pickups Coils

Black Plastic Covers