Bill Lawrence XL500 Humbucker Pickup

Here's a Bill Lawrence pickup from 1994 when Lawrence pups were really Lawrence pups.
It's got a healthy output that's clean at low levels and maintains coherence when run through
distortion or overdrive pedals. It has a DCR of 11.7Kohm and 11" of lead wire.

It's very quiet, and in near mint cosmetic shape. Production numbers and product information
are shown in the Back View picture below.

Asking $75, U.S. or APO shipping included.

The mounting screws and nuts are included. The pickups mounting feet are not tapped so
you could use #2, 4 or 6 diameter screws, but you need nuts to secure them to a mounting ring.
Double nuts ensure that the screws will not fall out of the mounting feet dropping the pup out
of the mounting ring.

XL500 Pickup Back View