Bartolini MT4HC 4 String Bass Pickups

Here's two pair of Bartolini MT4HC bass pickups with no logo on the front. These were made
in the mid 1980s after the conversion from HI-A. They were special orders with no-logo for
Sierra Guitars of San Francisco's Excaliber basses.

These are dual coil pickups that are intended for 4 string basses, but will work with string spacings
from 64mm to 80mm. As shown below the pickup is crowned for a 14" radius fingerboard. They
are 4" long, 1&1/8" wide and 9/16" tall at the center of the pickup. Add 1/4" to the height for coil
post clearance in a pickup cavity.

They have a deep clear and natural sound, but are not overly bright. The DCR on the first pair is
7.39K & 7.19K, the second pair (shown below) is 7.22K & 7.19K.

Asking $150 each pair, U.S. or APO shipping included.

BTW, new Bartolini dual coil M4 pickups are $135 each!!!

Save $20, buy both pairs for $280.

Crown Radius

Side view of the crown.

Bartolini MT4HC 4 String Bass Pickups (second pair)