Bartolini Strat Pickup Set

These are virgins, (never have been on an axe) from the Stars Guitars Historical Museum
Storage Space. Probably manufactured in the mid to late1980s, they are still in the current
Bartolini catalog (older strat size).

The 3S-S is a tapped single coil (for deep/bright choice) that lists for $99. The white tap is 8.4K,
the red tap is 4.6K. This is a south magnetic.

The V88S (very clear, glassy, near Vintage tone single coil) is 5.9K and lists for $89. This is a south

The 3XR-N (deeper tone, high power single coil) is 7.28K and lists for $89. This is a north magnetic.

There's 11" of cable on each pickup. They are totally clean and unblemished, and with white being
very hard to get, a little on the rare side.

This set lists for $277. I'm asking $210, U.S. or APO shipping included.

Bartolini Strat Pickups Bottom View

Bartolini Strat Pickup Closeup