Gibson 1979 R&D Shop "Fat Brite" Pickup

Back in the late 1970s the Gibson R&D shop turned out a few series of specialty pickups.
There was the "Laidback" the "Bluesbuster" and the "Fat Brite." Here's one of the Fat Brite
variety in gold. Stars Guitars had an exclusive Factory Authorized Warranty Center contract
with Gibson and we were given a lot of stuff to evaluate and/or play with.

It came from the R&D shop with a Molex connector, (that's how they tested limited runs) a
piece of manila paper (shown below in the For Shipping picture) to protect the gold cover and
wired in parallel. The pickup is potted (not wax dipped) to eliminate microphonic feedback.
The DCR is 3.64Kohm with 6.5" of lead on it. Mounting ring, springs and gold adjuster screws
are included. You can cut off the Molex connector and rewire for series if that's what you want.
I'd expect the DCR to go up to between 9 and 11Kohm in series.

This is a total virgin pickup in mint shape, and they don't make anything like it now.

A good deal at $100, U.S. or APO shipping included.

Gibson 1979 R&D Shop "Fat Brite" Pickup Bottom View

For Shipping