HI-A Guitar Polyphonic Pickup

OK, they stopped making HI-A pickups in 1978. Bill Bartolini reorganized and continued
making his fabulous pickups with the Bartolini name on the pickup. Here's an example of a
later model HI-A polyphonic pickup. Each coil is accessible through a pair of posts shown
below in the Bottom View picture and correspond to the actual physical positions of the coils
in the pickup assembly. In the configuration shown, the coils have been summed and the signal
output is on the red wire from the coax cable the shield is ground. Yes the shield plate is a
little corroded and groaty, but it still works perfectly and sounds great. If you decide to try
to clean up the groat don't use much more than a toothbrush and sparing amounts of
isopropyl alcohol.

This is a powerful and crisp pickup intended as a direct replacement for standard humbuckers.
It has a DCR of 5.5Kohm, and 14" of coax cable.

Asking $100, U.S. or APO shipping included.

HI-A Guitar Polyphonic Pickup Bottom View