HI-A ES1 Active Guitar Pickup

Here's what other manufacturers are still trying to imitate 25 years later, one of the first
active pickups, the ES1 is capable of putting out a maximum undistorted 2.5 volts RMS
with a single 9V battery and only draws 160 microamps. This means that battery life will
exceed 1000 hours, and unlike other active pickups, the ES1 will continue to function down
to 5V. Most active pickups suddenly quit working when the battery voltage goes below
about 7.5 volts. The ES1 will not crap out in the middle of a performance or recording session.
You will notice a gradual loss of output level and some distortion (clipping) when it is time to
change a battery.

The ES1 is a high gain, ultra low noise active pickup that has all of the useful circuits points user
accessible (unlike most other active pickups). By taking advantage of this feature several
modes of operation are possible:

1. High Gain with Treble Boost (for overdrive lead guitar)
2. High Gain with Low Cut (Strat sound with 33 times the output level of a Strat pickup)
3. Low Gain (Accuracy and clarity for complex chord structures and bass tones without mud,
the output level is 4.3 times higher than a Gibson PAF. Unweighted Signal to Noise Ratio is 90db.)
4. High Gain without Treble Boost
5. Pickup Coil without Preamp (try that with other active pickups!!!)

In mode #5, the output is about 2db below a regular Strat pickup but is still fully hum canceling.

The pickup as shown is wired for Mode #3. It is a direct physical replacement for standard
humbuckers and is in near mint condition. "But I don't like the color." Yes Virginia, you can
paint it any color you want,
just don't paint the bottom.

If you buy this pickup, I will include the original Bartolini literature showing the pin assignments
and wiring descriptions of how to obtain the various operation modes. You can even set up a
Vari-tone type configuration directly to the pickup!!!

Asking $150, U.S. or APO shipping included.

HI-A ES1 Active Guitar Pickup Bottom View