DiMarzio J-Bass Pickup

This is a virgin, never been in an axe DiMarzio J-Bass pickup from 1986. It was purchased
direct from DiMarzio to go on a client's axe, he opted for Bartolini instead.

The pickup is a dual coil humbucker wired in series with a DCR of 5.8K with plenty of original
lead wire. The pup has individual adjustable pole pieces and comes with an allen wrench and
four mounting screws. It is 3 & 9/16" in length.

Judging from the strength of magnets and series DCR, this is a powerful pickup with a lot of bottom
end. Of course you can rewire it for parallel and have less output level with more treble.

Asking $55, U.S. or APO shipping included.

Di Marzio J-Bass Pickup Bottom View