Gibson 1958 PAF Narrow Spacing Humbucker Pickup

Here's a Gibson PAF humbucker from my partner's 1958 Byrdland. This is a Narrow Spacing
(NS) model. The NS model was made in limited quantities and only offered on the Byrdland,
Super 400 CES, ES350 and a few other big body "Top of the Line" guitars. Narrow Spacing
means that the strings on Gibson (and other) guitars will pass directly over the pole pieces when
used in the neck position as opposed to missing and/or slightly off center as seen on SGs, Les Pauls
and other instruments. Although the difference in sound quality is debatably minimal, it does look
better when the strings pass directly over the pole pieces. The NS model Gibson PAF is a rare item.

Gibson made PAFs until 1964. How can you tell that this is an authentic PAF?

1. There is no "T" on the top of the bobbins. The "T" was for the assemblers and designated
the TOP of the bobbin. You can see this in the Bobbin & Wire View picture below.

2. You can look into the square holes directly to the right of the right-most pole screw and see
the bright red Hudson Wire Company wire. You can also see this in the Bobbin & Wire View
picture below.

3. When you put it in your axe and play, you'll know.

This pickup has had the original Gibson braided shield lead wire replaced with RGB shielded cable.
The stock pickup cover has been removed to confirm number 1 & 2 above.

This PAF comes with the stock gold cover, mounting rings and hardware shown in the above picture,
and is ready to install. The cover has a bit of wear on the edges as shown below in the Gold Covers
pictures below, and has a new back plate (see Back & Side Views picture below for explanation).

The DCR of the pickup is7.52Kohm with 12" of lead.

A good deal at $375, U.S. or APO shipping included. If this were completely original
and the cover pristine, we would be asking at least $500 for the pickup.

Bobbin & Wire View

Back & Side Views

The back plate was so corroded when removed from the 58 Byrdland that it needed to be replaced
with another back plate and re-drilled to accommodate the Narrow Spacing pole piece screws.

Gold Cover

The cover has the gold worn off 3 of the corners as shown.