1963 Gibson Patent No Humbucker Pickup

Here's a Gibson PAF humbucker from 1963 as it has the Patent No sticker instead of
the Patent Applied For which was only "applied" to the last year of PAF production.
How can you tell that this is an authentic PAF?

1. There is no "T" on the top of the bobbins. The "T" was for the assemblers and designated
the TOP of the bobbin. You can see this in the picture above.

2. You can look into the square holes directly to the right of the right-most pole screw and see
the bright red Hudson Wire Company wire. You can also see this in the picture above. There's a
lot of dust in the hole and it's harder to see on this pickup than the others. Aside from squirting
air into it I'm not about to stick something down there to try to clean it up and risk breaking the wire.

3. The "Patent No" stickers on the bottom of the pickup assembly.

4. When you put it in your axe and play, you'll know.

This pickup had the original Gibson magnet replaced with a Stars Guitars Hot Rod Alnico
Ceramic magnet (about 30% stronger gauss reading). We took the Hot Rod out and replaced
it with an original. Yeah, we've got the side of a tool chest covered with Hot Rod and original
Gibson magnets. Unfortunately we do not have the original Gibson wood spacers and have used
a strip of BWB pickguard plastic instead. You can see this in the Coil Wire & Spacer View
picture below.

The two white wires (shown in the Bottom View picture) are ground wires from the copper tape
insulation. Part of the Stars Guitars mod procedure for all pickups was to wrap electrical tape
around the coil and then wrap and solder copper foil tape with a lead attached to the base. This
gave the same shielding as having the metal covers on and provided a little more protection than
exposed coils while having no effect on any other parameter of the pickup performance.

This PAF comes with the mounting rings and hardware shown in the above picture, and is ready
to install.

The DCR of this pickup (probably used in the bridge position) is 8.01Kohm with 4" of lead. This
pickup will be loud and would make a good pair when used with the Slot Top PAF on this site.

Click here to see the PAF Slot Top pickup.

Because of the mods and non-standard spacers I' asking $200, U.S. or APO shipping included.

Bottom View

Coil Wire & Spacer View

You can see the white coil wire and the white of the BWB plastic spacer above to the left
of the spring between the coil and the plate.