Gibson PAF Humbucker Pickup

Here's an actual Gibson PAF humbucker from somewhere between 1960 and 1962.
Gibson made PAFs until 1964. How can you tell that this is an authentic PAF?

1. There is no "T" on the top of the bobbins. The "T" was for the assemblers and designated
the TOP of the bobbin. You can see this in the picture above.

2. You can look into the square holes directly to the right of the right-most pole screw and see
the bright red Hudson Wire Company wire. You can also see this in the picture above.

3. The "Patent Applied For" stickers on the bottom of the pickup assembly.

4. When you put it in your axe and play, you'll know.

Unfortunately, the sticker on this pickup has fallen off. You can see the glue shape residue in the
PAF Sticker Residue picture below where the numbers are placed. This pickup has had the
original Gibson Cover replaced with a Stars Guitars Slot Top.

This PAF comes with the mounting rings and hardware shown in the above picture, and is ready
to install.

The DCR of #1(probably used in the neck position) is 7.05Kohm with 4" of lead.

A steal at $250, U.S. or APO shipping included. Or $400 as part of a pair with the 1963
Patent No pickup.

Click here to see the 1963 Patent No pickup.

Bottom View

PAF Sticker Residue View