Series/Parallel Pickup Panpot

You've thought about adding a series parallel switch to one of your humbucking pickups but
have always been reluctant to drill the hole for mounting the switch. If you can solder and have
a 4 conductor pickup you can use a panpot to replace one of the tone controls.

Here's a unique alternative to a switch. The Panpot. What is a Panpot? A panpot (in a stereo
application) 'pans' from right to left as the shaft is rotated, with the center detente being the
midpoint between right and left. Instead of panning from right to left, you can use this pot to pan
between a humbucker with coils in series to coils in parallel. The big difference with the panpot over
the double-pole-double-throw (dpdt) switch is that you get all the subtle nuances of the 'inbetween'
points going from series to parallel along the rotation of the pot.

What's more is that this pot will fit in a standard 3/8" volume/tone pot mounting hole using the supplied
washers and nuts. Go ahead, sacrifice a tone pot for this remarkable new sound. You will wonder why
you ever used a tone control, of course that is unless you are hung up on the Duane Allman sound. It is
especially interesting when used on an axe with a Single/Single/Humbucker configuration and the middle
and humbucker pickups are selected on a 5-way switch. You'll hear the difference whether straight off
the guitar into an amp or through your most complex array of effects.

It's 1 & 5/16" from shaft tip to the detente spring on the back, 13/16" from the solder lugs to the bottom
and 11/16" wide. The shaft bushing is 3/8" long and 5/16" wide. The split shaft fits easily in splined knobs
like on a strat as shown below in the Into a Strat Knob picture, or with larger knobs using set screws.

They're $20.00 for one, and $15.00 for each additional, includes U.S. or APO shipping. Complete wiring
instructions (a diagram) are included.

The Detente Spring and Pressed Into a Strat Knob