Schecter Telecaster Guitar Pickups

Here's a set of Schecter Telecaster Pickups from the early 1980s. These were
taken out of a customer's Tele and replaced with some variety of humbucker.

These pickups sound great as replacements for generic Fenders. The neck pickup
is quite a bit hotter and less muddy than an original, and the bridge is a little hotter
and crisper. Both pickups are wax dipped. The neck is shielded with copper tape,
and the bridge pickup has the copper plate shield underneath.

The neck pickup has a DCR of 9.86Kohm and 11" of cable, the bridge pickup has a
DCR of 6.15Kohm and 7" of cable.

A deal at $115 for the pair, $5 for U.S. or APO shipping.

Schecter Telecaster Guitar Pickups Bottom View