Stars Guitars Trapezoid Pickups with Brass Cover

Here's another very rare piece of Stars Guitars and pickup history. The "Trap" is a single coil
pickup with the coil wound directly around the magnet structure. The trick is that the magnet
is shaped like a truncated pyramid, so that the field size, aperture and strength varies from one
end of the pickup to the other. We built about 50 of these until the store was sold to new
owners in late 1982. The brass is magnetically transparent!

These were put in several Stars Guitars production axes and a few customer instruments. Most of
them went to employee and friends.

They were almost exclusively sold in pairs as they were built with polarities (norths and souths) that
would hum cancel when both pickups were on (middle position of a 2 pickup type PU Selector switch).
Click the link below to see the proper pickup orientation for installation.

Trapezoid Installation Guide.

Specs are below the Back View pictures of each variety. A hum-canceling coil can be inserted via
the pickup selector switch that will eliminate the hum when an individual pickups is used alone. If you
are interested in doing this after you purchase the pickups I will gladly email you a schematic detailing
the procedure.

Asking $130 for the pair, U.S. or APO shipping included.

Stars Guitars Trapezoid Neck Pickup Bottom View

The R4S version is a Rhythm, 4Kohm South polarity, normally used in the neck position.
It has 10" of lead wire. The White is "Hot" and Green is "Ground."

Stars Guitars Trapezoid Bridge Pickup Bottom View

The T5N version is a Treble, 5Kohm North polarity, normally used in the bridge position.
It has 11" of lead wire.