ZBS-40 Prototype Guitar Pickup

ZBS by Bartolini. Here's a prototype 40 Humbucker model. The 40 did not make
it to production as it was only as powerful as a normal Gibson Humbucker. The ZBS
Humbucker line consists of the model 50, 60, 70, 75 and 80, each one a bit more
powerful than the last. For a full explanation of the ZBS line, Click Here to go to the

This pickup is a virgin, having never been actually installed in an axe. It is a direct physical
replacement for a standard humbucker.

The pickup has a DCR of 7.9Kohm and 9" of cable with access to all 4 coil wires.

ZBS pickups retail for $120 each, you can have this prototype for $75, U.S. or APO
shipping included.

ZBS-40 Prototype Guitar Pickup Bottom View